We are L & M, Linda & Maja, two girls from a touristy little place called Zell am See.

Linda currently lives in Munich & I (Maja) enjoy my life as a part time student in Innsbruck.
Why the Lost Girls Club? Because we literally love to get lost in the most beautiful, interesting and mesmerizing places of this earth.

But seriously why are we doing this?
Well .. At some point I guess, we always knew we would end up trying to do something like this, but none of us really said it out loud until that one evening where we were full of excitement, ideas and euphoria, where we decided that it could actually turn out to be a great thing and that we should at least try it!
Because you know what they say .. If you do not try, you will never know if it could have worked.

So here we are. The Lost Girls Club. Filled with excitement.
We promise, that we will try our best to show you the most happy places we’ve already been to & the ones we’re on about to discover.


L & M


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