Balloon Ride over Ancient Bagan, Myanmar

Did you ever had the feeling to feel completely free?
Let me tell you something about our recent experience, which made us literally define the word freedom new and level it up.
We already told you in our last blogpost about our trip to Myanmar and further to Bagan, the ancient city of Myanmar. In Bagan there are more than 2200 temples and pagodas on a quite small terrain. It’s know for it’s breathtaking sunrises, and sundowns, overlooking the landscape in mystic vibe with all the pagodas and temples showing up. What makes it even more special, and you probably have seen those Pinterest shots, are the balloons hovering the temples in the morning.

We had the EPIC(!) opportunity to ride with one of those. Oriental Ballooning invited us for a ride with them two weeks ago. I’m gonna tell you a little bit about our day with them.


Ready, set, go! At 04:30 in the morning our alarm rang. Puh, so early. Little did we know, how much worth it was to get up this early.
The little cute bus from Oriental Ballooning picked us up right at our hotel a little after 5AM.
It was still dark outside, and pretty fresh air. We got in the van, with other guests already inside. We drove 10-15minutes to a field, a little outside Bagan. Still dark, no orientation where we actually were.
Getting out of the van, a nice guy led us to a fully set table – next to a few other tables. We were placed by the captain’s name “PIERCE”, which was our’s for the ride. The tables were all lit up with candles, and behind was spotted a little food truck. So welcoming!

Breakfast was ready. We got some tea, coffee and croissants, before we spotted the first “tests” with the balloons in the field.
We got a security lesson beforehand – how everything will be working, how we have to behave when taking off and landing.


Okay – the moment we all have been waiting for. We climbed in the basket. We were 10people, plus our pilot Pierce. The sky was already lightening up a little bit – but the sun was still hiding.
Pierce and his crew started the engines and the fires. Please excuse my non-professional vocabulary about balloong flying – but I literally don’t have a clue
So off we go. Sitting on the ground of the basket for the first few seconds. We felt the balloon rising. We got up. WE FLEW! The crew was waving at the bottoms. We were the first balloon to get up in the air. The others followed right after.
It was amazing. Since I’m actually afraid of heights, but very ambitions to overcome it, I was very curious how it would be. But it never felt unsafe, or I was never afraid for a second. It was like you very standing on a balcony, and everything around you is just moving
I could just talk for an hour, but I think pictures speak for it self:

Our ride took us a little over an hour. We flew right over Old Bagan, over the major temples and pagodas, we flew over New Bagan, were the mystic dust was rising, and the landed at the shore of Irrawaddy river.
Pierce, our pilot, told us, we were really lucky with the wind that day. It was like THE day to fly and catch the ideal route over Bagan. WOW! How lucky are we, to experience that?
I’m probably, or hopefully, still telling about this experience with my grand grand children. It’s been one very special day, and a once in a lifetime experience.
Check out the video we did with Oriental Ballooning during the ride: