Discover Havana with Urban Adventures

Discover Havana with Urban Adventures

We spent 72 hours in Havana, the capital of Cuba. We walked the streets of Old Havana, rode a vintage car across the El Malecon, explored the monuments of Plaza De La Revolucion, danced salsa all night in Miramar and ate pineapples off a street fruit cart.
We partnered up with Urban Adventures to maximize our three days, we spent in the city.

Let's walk & explore Old Havana by foot

We had the pleasure to spent one whole day with the guides of Urban Adventures, who took us for two amazing tours.

On our first day Carina and me already walked through the city, through Old Havana, which is called Havana Vieja. We walked past the Capitol, the Museo de le Revolucion and along the famous El Malecon, which is  a broad esplanade and roadway which stretches along the coast in Havana. The local people use to come here at the evenings to chill and chat. And of course, dance salsa.

We were amazed by all the beautiful pastel coloured buildings, the vintage cars and the vibe of the whole city. Still, even if we passed a lot of the famous buildings and places, we did actually know nothing about it.

So on our second day we met Diana, our first guide, who took us for a walking tour through Old Havana. Actually we passed a whole lot of places and areas we already did the day before. BUT Diana told us craazy a lot of cultural, historical, political history about everything we passed. We were completely speechless about all the information we got – in a positive way. It was incredibly interesting to get to know so much about this country and this city by a local. And we would never have been able to get to this information, by just walking around and see those buildings.
Diana not only took us to touristy places, she also took us into old hotels, who former were monasteries, or cafés, where Ernest Hemingsway, wrote his first book.

The tour took us about 3-4 hours, including a little lunch break at a very cute little restaurant. The price of the meal and – of course – mojitos, is included in the tour price.

Get to see some images of our walk here:

Café de Paris, where Ernest Hemingway used to go a lot

La Catedral de la Virgen María de la Concepción Inmaculada de La Habana at Plaza de la Catedral

Vintage Car Tour

Part two of our experience with Urban Adventures was a guided tour with a vintage car. Since we were two girls, they suprised us with a pastel pink car, in front of the meeting point. In the car, our driver, and our guide in the front seat. We took place in the back seat of the cabrio.
Since we saw already major parts of the central districts of Havana, the guys took us for a ride along the Malecon and other districts of the city.
We were not only enjoying the ride with the crazy cool vehicle, but our guide again told us whatever he know about everything we passed. We went through outer districts, paved with huge white mansions. We passed a lot of embassies from all over the world. We passed the huge chinese cemetary. Yes, there is a chinese cemetary. We also were pretty suprised. But there is quite a population of chinese people in Havana, since they immigrated during World Ward I. Ever since there is also a Chinatown in central Havana.

Plaza de San Francisco de Asis

Famous bar La Floridita

Our ride also took us to the Park Almadares, where the river of the same name,    flowing between the Havana suburbs of Miramar and Vedado to the Straits of Florida. Even if it’s in the middle of this jungle of old houses and dirty streets, suddenly we stood in a forest full of brightest greens. Our guide told us about the importance of this place for Cuban people. He told us about Santeria. For Cuban believing in Santeria it is necessary to bring sacrifices. We came across a small family – father, mother, a teen boy and a very small little girl – who slaughtered a chicken down at the river. Santería can be translated as “rule of the saints”. It is a ritual, to contact spirits, in the pursuit of making your wishes come true.

We also made a stop at the famous Plaza de la Revolucion. This is where Fidel Castro adressed the population of Cuba, and millions of people still come to this place whenever important political rallies take place. Around the square you can find the José Marti Memorial tower, the national library and many government ministries.

Our tour ended at the famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba, where we had couple of drinks (aka mojitos) at their bar whilst watching the sunset over the Malecon.

When visiting Havana or Cuba, consider booking a tour with Urban Adventures.
We are more than happy we had the opportunity to get as much information about this country in every way possible, as we did. We connected to local, who gave us an insight in a Cubans’ life, as well as very much historical and political background.

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