Summerglamping in the Californian Coast with Glamping Hub

Summer glamping with Glamping Hub

Raise your hand if you really enjoy the outdoors but you are put off by the thought of raising a tent, sleeping on the floor, cooking on a camping stove…
Because let’s be honest, a short getaway should be all about relaxing!
Luckily for us, we partnered with Glamping Hub to go on our first ever glamping experience in America.

Fueled with wanderlust, we wanted to experience as much as possible on our road trip through California. Since we like the unusual and out of the ordinary type of accommodations, we decided no to stay in motels or even hotels like everyone does in their roadtrips. We looked for unique places to stay in.
Lucky for us, we found a real hidden gem on Glamping Hub, perfectly situatated on our route down the coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles.


For this night we traded hotel rooms for a gypsy tent, in the middle of a private national park on the Californian coast, located near Hearst Castle. Driving down the famous highway #1, about an hour after passing Big Sur, you arrive at San Simeon, where the reserve is located.
The tent is based right in the middle of the reserve, surrounded by purest nature, hills, forests, and of course wildlife. 
Even zebras are living on the 800ha territory. Zebras in California? This question did also come to our mind when the manager of the location told us about. Unluckily, we could not find them on our hike through the park – but I still have to share the story with you.

The former home of publisher William Hearst – Hearst Castle is a massive property in the hills at the Californian coast, with over 120 acres of gardens, pools, and terraces. At the peak of Hearst’s career, he opened his home to many Hollywood celebrities, hosting legendary weekend parties. He also decided to get a private zoo. The world’s largest private zoo. Filled with dozens of species, including lions, tigers, bears, jaguars, monkeys, and even an elephant – and yes, zebras.

When Hearst died in the 1950s, they didn’t know what to do with the animals. A lot of them were sold to zoos around the world, but the rest were just set free. This is why a wild herd of zebras is now living on the former property of Hearst castle, which is partly now part of the territory we stayed on.

The night was clear, and we got lucky, we got to experience a full moon night. Having tea at the bon fire, watching the moon rise behind the hills, with nothing but fresh air and a warm summer breeze surrounding us.

why settle for a five-star hotel, when you can sleep under a thousand-star sky

We are so happy we found this hidden gem and unique place to spend our night!

Our tent was provided with a queen size bed, a lot of cushions and blankets – so we did not get cold at all – a bed side table, a flashlight, a solar power bank, candles,..
A few steps down the hill was a little hut, which included a shower and a toilet. Towels, lotions, soaps,.. everything was provided. It was quite an experience to shower, with an open view all over the hills and forests.
Since this is still kind of camping, just remember that you still need to bring the very basic essentials, like bug spray, a lighter, a power bank, warm clothes etc.

Do you ever feel the need to get away and get out of your element? Go somewhere new and unfamiliar?
Don’t be fooled by thinking glamping is only.. tents. If you head over to Glamping Hub you will find hundreds of really cool accommodations for your next adventures. You can find, of course tents, yurts, but also amazing treehouses, converted buses and trucks, vintage airstreams, gypsy huts, modern A-frame cabins and a whole lot more. Pretty much all of them offer all the comfort you need,.. or even amazing extras such as hot tubs or outdoor saunas. 

If you are planning a short getaway or a roadtrip, such as we did, we totally recommend visiting Glamping Hub and get inspired for your next adventure..